Ten Things Which Aren't Love

Pale Bird release their debut album, Ten Things Which Aren't Love, on November 3rd 2017.

Ten Things Which Aren't Love features 12 songs, because some things are love, and however hard you try, you end up writing about love at some point if you're a songwriter. See if you can figure out which two are about love.

An alternative tracklisting might read (not in order):

  • A superheroine causes unpleasant injuries to chauvinists
  • I am being menaced by a doppelganger who is nicer than me and not a wanker
  • I entered a blood feud with birdlife
  • Bad partners
  • Existential Tango
  • Being a "nice guy" in a nightmarish landscape does not "get you" "the girl"
  • I was cursed when I fell out of love
  • I am scared of being hurt
  • Feeling sad
  • Feeling lonely
  • Liking someone
  • Whenever I meet people they keep reminding me that I'm a monster and have done terrible, shitty things in my life

Pale Bird is Martin Austwick, who has released albums as Martin Austwick, Dr Martin Austwick, and The Sound of The Ladies. The Sound of The Ladies is not a good band name, and his real name is not easy to remember or google, so he's Pale Bird now. Martin has a PhD in physics and was a lecturer in data visualisation. These songs are not about science, but his Dr Martin Austwick album of 2011 was, if that's what you like. He is an award-wining podcaster and does Song by Song (we talk about every Tom Waits song in order) and Answer Me This! (we answer listener questions about stuff). You can find out more about him at martinzaltzaustwick.com.

If you preorder Ten Things at http://www.palebird.bandcamp.com, you get to download three excellent tracks right away, even before the album is out.

I hope that sheds some light. Thank you for listening.

Artist: Pale Bird
Album: Ten Things Which Aren't Love
Release Date: November 3rd 2017
Email: palebirdmusic@gmail.com - contact this address, or tweet at me if you'd like a review copy
Twitter: @martinaustwick
Bandcamp page: http://palebirdmusic.bandcamp.com
Downloads from: Bandcamp, iTunes, Spotify, Amazon,…

The album contains f words. Two.

The album features tuba from Sam Pay, production assistance from Andy Goddard, and Hourglass is based on an original idea by Jim Footner. You've Got a Lot of Teeth is inspired by a series of drawings by Consumer Revolt/Daley Walton.